Guy sues Hangover II producers because reasons


PREVIOUSLY ON LAWSUIT: Mike Tyson’s tattoo artist sues Warner Brothers and then settles out of court. 

This latest lawsuit comes from a guy named Michael Alan Rubin. Rubin says that the sequel was based off of a script he sent the WGA a few years back based on his real experiences in Thailand. His script, Mickey and Kirin was about his honeymoon in Thailand, and ending the marriage during the vacation. 

I’m so sick of these guys that keep suing studios/producers because they “ripped off my script!” Sure, it sucks, but you should’ve made your movie yourself instead of trusting a studio to not steal your idea. They’ve been doing this for years, people should know better. Am I going to sue Sony for “stealing” my idea for a heist game that I had back in 2008? No, I’m going to play it and enjoy it. 

Michael Alan Rubin, stop whining and learn your lesson: Never trust Hollywood.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]