Guys and Dolls remake in the works, Marlon Brando still dead


TriStar Pictures is scooping up rights left and right so they can seemingly make a remake of the Broadway musical and 1955 classic film Guys and Dolls. They’ve bought the rights to the collection of short stories the musical is based on, the rights to the musical itself, and the rights to the remake of the film. That’s a lot of rights to scoop up, but now that they have them they’re going to make a remake, one would assume.

I never got the love over Guys and Dolls, though I haven’t seen it on Broadway. The film starred Marlon Brando, and his singing wasn’t up to snuff. The direction is just OK for a musical of the era, and the songs, while catchy, just don’t seem like true hits to me. Yes, there’s “Luck Be a Lady,” but I’m not sure this is the film to remake, honestly. It just doesn’t have the cultural cache that a crap ton of other classic musicals have. There’s also a strong line of sexism running through it if I recall correctly. 

But musicals are so hot right now thanks to the success of films like La La Land and The Greatest Showman so it makes sense that studios would start snapping up classic remakes, like Spielberg’s West Side Story

‘Guys and Dolls’ Getting Remade at TriStar (EXCLUSIVE) [Variety]

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