HA HA! LOL getting the crap treatment from Lionsgate


Aw, ugly duckling.

The utterly crappy-looking Miley Cyrus vehicle LOL is getting completely kicked out the window by Lionsgate. The film, starring someone that was once on of the biggest child stars of the past several years and Demi Moore, is only being released in seven cities, with no actual publicity being planned by Lionsgate as well. Basically, it means the film is A) pants droppingly awful, and B)Lionsgate has absolutely no faith in Hannah Montana’s ability to sell a movie, especially one with such an asinine title as LOL

Making matters even worse, the film has apparently been done since 2010, and the studio has been sitting on it ever since, as they haven’t found either a hole in their release schedule or faith at all in the film, so it’s really just a surprise this didn’t wind up a direct to DVD.

I guess it’s just nice to see that, once in a while, studios don’t try to always cram terrible movies through the marketing machine.

[Via LA Times]