Haley Joel Osment still alive, raising the dead


Apparently, Haley Joel Osment is still alive, and he’s starring in not one, but three new movies. The first two, Sassy Pants and Montana Amazon, have the most ridiculous titles of all time. It’s like they’re fake movies within a movie or something. The third, though, is a modern retelling of Frankenstein called Wake the Dead, based on the comic series by Steve Niles. The boy who sees ghosts will be playing a college student who, you guessed it, brings the dead back to life.

In an interview, Niles says that the director Jay Russel (of The Water Horse fame) is trying for a 70s horror aesthetic. Hopefully, this means that Raise the Dead will essentially be like Reanimator. I’d be so down for that.

[via Collider]