Half of Dtoid’s readers use ad-block, and that affects us


It’s unlikely that this will come as news to many of you, since I expect our readership is pulled pretty heavily from the Destructoid community, but it’s a big deal, so we wanted to put it out there for you guys too: ad-block is great, but it cuts deep. Niero, lord and master of all things Modern Method, has written up an article over on Destructoid about adblocking, as well as an explanation of what exactly it is doing to that site. More than 40% of Dtoid’s users block ads, which is crazy, and it’s bad. The exact numbers for the other Modern Method sites are a bit hazier, but they are likely comparable.

If you use an ad-blocker, we would love it if you would whitelist us. It could even allow the writers to get paid for all of the work that they put in here, which would in turn allow us to put even more effort into making Flixist the best damn movie site on the internet.

But if you want to do more than just whitelist us, there is something brewing behind the scenes: a membership system for Modern Method. BUT, and I bolded it so you would understand how important it is, it’s a community driven affair. Over on Destructoid, US Community Manager Andy Dixon has created a poll asking what people would like from their Dtoid membership. Well, that Dtoid membership is also a Flixist membership, a Tomopop membership, and a Japanator membership. Let’s say you are interested in that membership: what would you want from us? You can vote on Dtoid, you can comment there, or you can comment here. We’re reading. I promise.

Modern Method has always been, is now, and will continue to be focused on our community. We want to do whatever it is you want us to do. So what could we as both a site and a network do to make you want to pay us? Would a lack of ads (while still compensating the writers) be enough? Or would you want exclusive content? Subscriber-exclusive contests? None of it? All of it? Other things?

None of this would be required, and none of us want to take content away from people who don’t pay, whether they use ad-block or not (and it is completely within your right to use it), but at some point truly independent sites like ours (and there are fewer and fewer of them) need to turn to other sources of income if they hope to survive.

So, what would you want from a Modern Method membership?