Halloween 2 will take a stab at a October 2020 release date after filming this fall


You can beat him, you can stab him, and you can burn him but you can’t keep Michael Myers down.

The newest movie calling itself Halloween was a modest success when it released last year. Who are we kidding? It was a huge success financially and did surprisingly well critically. This is surprising only because the Halloween sequels have ranged from pretty good to better left forgotten. Despite the finality that the 2018 movie could’ve brought to the series, Halloween 2 is moving forward and will begin shooting this fall with an eyed release date of October 2020.

October faired well for the previous release, so why mess with a good thing? Speaking of good things, Jamie Lee Curtis is expected to once again reprise her role as Laurie Strode with most of the surviving cast likely to return as well. David Gordon Green would be a welcome return for the sequel even if nothing is official yet. The love for the material and talent in front of and behind the camera is what made this latest film work and one can only hope that Blumhouse won’t break up the band for the sequel.

Halloween 2 is aiming for an October 2020 release date

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