HALO TV series lands Veteran television director Otto Bathurst


The announcement of a television director doesn’t usually get a bunch of coverage but when you’re talking about the forever in development HALO television series people are going to pay attention. The series, which is actually really happening this time, has brought in Otto Bathurst to direct. Your initial reaction might be to panic since his only feature film work is the horrendous Robin Hood, but the man is actually quite the prolific genre television director with quality shows like Peaky Blinders, Black Mirror, and Criminal Justice under his belt.

Bathurst is replacing the far more talented Rupert Wyatt in helming the pilot of the series and a few more of the initial 9-episode order on Showtime. It’s unclear what they plan to really do with the series but it appears it will take place within the Halo universe and not be an adaptation of the games themselves. 

This, honestly, seems like a good result. Bathurst is a decent enough director who knows how to launch a show even if he won’t bring anything special to it. And really, does Halo need much special brought to it? The basic premise is pretty routine with space marines fighting aliens so what you want here is someone who knows how to do basic really well. With production starting this year we shouldn’t have to wait too long to have answers.

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Matthew Razak
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