Hamilton is coming to a movie theater near you


We’ve all heard of Hamilton: An American Musical, right? It’s the universally acclaimed, Tony Award dominating Broadway sensation about an American historical figure. The play consistently sells out theaters wherever it goes. It is really difficult and expensive to see. Fortunately, that won’t be a problem forever. Disney has announced that they will release a recording of the musical on film.

We don’t know much at all right now. But as you can see from the tweet above, we have a release date. Most importantly, we see that this is a recording of the live performance by the original cast, including the playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda. This is not an adaptation. I am very happy to hear this. I have no doubt that one day we’ll see a cinematic adaptation of the play, and I hope that it’s excellent. But I really want to experience the musical itself, in the medium it was created for. I recognize that it won’t be exactly the same as seeing it live, but it will be the closest I’ll get for a very long time.

Hamilton: An American Musical will arrive at a theater near you on October 15, 2021.