Hammer Horror to open spooky script archive


Legendary British horror studio Hammer rose from the dead a few years ago, enjoying some success with productions such as Let Me In, Wake Wood and most recently Daniel Radcliffe vehicle The Woman In Black. (Let’s be generous and forget The Resident). It’s brilliant to have a studio with such a prestigious history working to bring horror back to some degree of artistic respectability, having been ravaged over the years by torture porn and Platinum Dunes (Michael Bay’s production company), and genre fans have further reason to celebrate with the news that the studio are now opening a script archive – or script crypt, as it ought to be called – for public research and study.

The CATH (Cinema And Television History) Research Centre at England’s De Montfort University will host the archive, which will include an extensive catalogue of the studio’s movie and television screenplays from 1947 to 1990, along with corporate letters and other artefacts of cultural interest. In addition, a restoration project for the films themselves was announced last month in collaboration with Studio Canal, Pinewood and a number of other major international partners. Good to have you back, Hammer. Now if you could just get around to a remake of the movie from this article’s header, I’d be ever so grateful…

[via Deadline]