Hannibal Season 4 isn’t dead yet, still being shopped around


Remember Hannibal? The cult classic show that NBC sent out to die repeatedly but just wouldn’t? The one that was canceled well before its time? The one that took a graveyard shift timeslot to kill? My favorite TV show of all time? Well I sure did, though I never forgot it existed! We Fannibals are a proud group and will take whatever opportunity we can to spread the good word of Dr. Lecter to the world, so why not get the man himself to remind everyone that Season 4 is still a strong possibility.

While on a press tour for his upcoming Netflix movie Polar, Bloody Disgusting caught up with Mads Mikkelson to ask him about the possibility of a fourth season for the cult classic horror series. As far as he knows, Bryan Fuller is still shopping the series around to production studios, though Mikkelson is fairly hopeful that the show could return and most of the original cast would easily come back to continue the saga of Dr. Lecter and Will Graham. 

The show has been off the air for over three years with many fans, myself included, wondering just what the fate of the show was. In the summer of 2017, Fuller began to shop the show around due to the contract with Amazon over exclusivity ended two years after the series finale, but we haven’t heard anything about that since. Fuller has been a busy little bee since, but it seems he’s working on trying to secure the rights to make season 4 a loose adaptation of Silent of the Lambs. At least some hope for a fourth season is better than no hope! Maybe we’ll hear about an official pick up sometime this year? Maybe…? Please…? I just need to know if the murder husbands survived or not…

Mads Mikkelsen Offers New Hope For “Hannibal” Season 4 – [Bloody Disgusting]


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