Hans Zimmer replaces Jack White on Lone Ranger score


A couple months back, we reported that Jack White was set to score The Lone Ranger (aka Land Pirates of the Caribbean). Plans have now changed, with Hans Zimmer coming on to do the score instead. White will still contribute some music to the film. Here’s some of Disney’s official announcement:

Oscar winner Hans Zimmer, the musical mastermind behind Disney’s and Jerry Bruckheimer Films’ Pirates of the Caribbean, has signed on to compose the score for The Lone Ranger. Jack White, who had originally been contemplated to score and has contributed several pieces of music to the production, was logistically unavailable due to scheduling conflicts that arose when the film’s release moved to July of 2013.

While Zimmer’s certainly a solid pick, I wish the filmmakers had gone with someone else for the score given how ubiquitous Zimmer has become. The pick screams “safety school.” (They should have been ballsy and gone with Buddy Guy. Seriously.) No word if Zimmer will base his score on any of White’s pieces.

[Via /Film]

Hubert Vigilla
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