Hans Zimmer scoring Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel BRAHWM


Hans Zimmer will score Man of Steel rather than Zack Snyder’s usual composer, Tyler Bates. As Heat Vision notes, this may be a sign of Christopher Nolan’s influence on the production since Zimmer has scored the last three Batman films as well as Inception. Given his penchant for brooding baddas and bombastic BRAHWMs, Zimmer’s sound ought to fit with an edgy and emotional Superman film.

(Probably not alone in saying this, but I don’t really want an edgy Superman. I love those kooky Weisinger-era stories with the Curt Swan art; the Maggin Superman books from the late 1970s/early 1980s; and I’ll take All-Star Superman and The Animated Series over Earth One any day of the week.)

I still feel that John Williams’s score is top of the pops — the gold-standard of iconic superhero music. Seems like another composer would be a better fit for the Man of Tomorrow, or at least a less edgy version of the character. Wouldn’t mind hearing someone like Howard Shore, Alan Silvestri, Alexandre Desplat, or Michael Giacchino have a stab at a Supes theme; or even Koji Kondo, Joe Hisaishi, or Nobuo Uematsu.

Not going to happen, though. You’re more likely to see Lori “Superman’s Mermaid Girlfriend” Lemaris in the Snyder movie than hear any of the guys I listed get a crack at my boy’s jam.

[Via THR/Heat Vision]

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