Hansel & Gretel sequel already in the works


In the age of instant sequels and reboots, there is usually only one factor that influences the future of a film franchise, and it’s those greenbacks y’all. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters saw mediocre results domestically, at least considering its $50 million budget, but went on to have long legs in the international market to the tune of $150 million. All added up the movie has made over $200 million. That’s big money, son. So of course Paramount is going to try to have a fast turnaround for the sequel, because that cold hard cash doesn’t just frivolously spend itself, dontcha know. 

I had, and continue to have, no interest in seeing this movie, so whether or not it’s worthy to become an established franchise is not for me to say. Plenty of other people seem to have spoken with their wallets, though. 

[via Deadline]