Hansel and Zoolander walk the runway for Zoolander 2


Zoolander 2 is happening and while it isn’t so hot right now, it’s about to be as the marketing is kicking off in a completely awesome way. Both Ben Stiller as Derrick Zoolander and Owen Wilson as Hansel (so hot right now) walked the runway to cap off the Valentino Fashion Show during fashion week in Paris. That’s pretty damn epic and I do believe that we got some Blue Steel in there. If it were Magnum everyone in the audience would be in tears.

The catwalk walk also came with a release date for the film of February 12, 2016, which is a bit away, but I think we’ll all make it.

Having recently rewatched the original it stands the test of time fantastically, unlike a lot of Stiller’s other films. Hopefully the comedy in the sequel does a bit better than some of his other sequels in the past. Meet the Fockers, I’m looking at you.

Matthew Razak
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