Happy Halloween: Watch the horror short Super Mario: Underworld


Happy Halloween, you ghouls. Hope your weekend was fun. Did you dress up? Did you go to a party? Did you lose some teeth? And, hey, did you wind up barefoot in a laundromat like last year? Yeah, I bet you did, you scamp!

To get you in that holiday spirit and to prevent you from thinking about Christmas shopping, here’s a nicely done Mario-themed horror short from Nukazooka. It’s called Super Mario: Underworld, and you can give it a watch below.

Super Mario: Underworld

Anyone expecting Kate Beckinsale or Don DeLillo in that video is sorely disappointed right now. This feeling will be a pattern in your life. Get used to it. Whoooaah-ooooh! *thunder and lightning*

If you’re doing anything tonight or just handing out candy at home, have a fun time. If you’re one of those jerks handing out apples or floss, though, you can sit on a cactus, bucko.

Let us know what your favorite horror movie is down there in the comments.

[via Nukazooka on YouTube]
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