Hark, the 2012 New York Asian Film Festival is upon us


Do you remember last year’s New York Asian Film Festival? Probably not, but here’s a refresher. It’s a really big deal, and is my most-looked-forward-to-New-York-based film festival of the year. NYAFF, along with its more purebred cousin Japan Cuts (which we will be officially announcing our coverage of next week), is one of the largest showcases of Asian films in America. This year, they are showing dozens of movies and featuring more than a dozen guests (including Korean superstar Choi Min-Sik and superbadass Donnie Yen). It’s going to be so cool. 

The festival will officially start next Friday, June 29th, but our coverage will be starting two days earlier, so you can make more educated decisions about what you should (and should not) be spending your money on. Obviously, we’re not going to be able to hit the entire festival, but we will see as many movies as we can. If you’re going to be at any NYAFF screenings, let us know. Maybe we can hang out. 

For information on the films, the guests the schedules, where to buy tickets, and pretty much everything else you want to know, go to the the Subway Cinema website. You know you’re excited.