Harley Quinn is back in the first trailer for Season 2

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Harley Quinn was one of my most anticipated shows following its release back in November of last year and it hasn’t disappointed me. With DC Universe still chugging along against all odds, at least their original programming continues to hit more than it misses (give me that second season of Doom Patrol DC!) While I still love the Doom Patrol with all of my heart, Harley and her gang of misfits have quickly endeared their way into my heart and I’m just happy I can see them all again soon.

After an extremely short break between seasons to the point where I would probably call this an extended first season rather than a full blown second season, Harley is back at it again and is as crass as ever. I know that vulgar humor doesn’t really work for everyone, and some of the jokes from the first season could possibly be considered tasteless, I can’t deny I was in stitches at every episode. It’s the kind of insane humor that I can get behind as I watch her make her way to the top of Gotham’s criminal empire.

Without spoiling the events of the first season, season two looks like it’s going to feature Harley going after even more villains, including the newly introduced Mr. Freeze, played by Doc Ock himself, Alfred Molina. With such a tragic character joining the fray, I’m just hyped to see how we can make someone like him funny. It’s not impossible, but I’m certainly eager to see how Harley Quinn attempts it. 

Harley Quinn’s second season will begin streaming exclusively on DC Universe and will release episodes there weekly beginning April 3rd. 

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