Harley Quinn to get her own movie


Suicide Squad isn’t even out yet, but DC is pretty sure they’ve got something good with Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. THR is reporting that Warner Bros. will be launching a stand-alone Harley Quinn movie… or a movie centered around Harley Quinn and a host of other female DC characters. 

Not much has leaked out about the film except that Robbie was the impetus for the movie as she fell in love with DC’s female characters after diving into research for Suicide Squad. She got a screenwriter and then pitched the idea to WB who snapped it up. There’s no confirmation of anything, but Batgirl and the ladies of Birds of Prey have been mentioned as possible characters to show up. 

This is a pretty big no-duh for WB as Harley Quinn is sure to come out of Suicide Squad as one of the more popular characters even if the movie itself turns out poorly. She’s already got a cult following and with Deadpool leading to more R-rated superhero flicks we might get to see her in all her psychotic glory. It’s also interesting that this means that DC will have two villain-based films, an approach Marvel has not taken yet. 

Matthew Razak
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