Harrison Ford steals Costner’s entire career in one day


Ok, so nobody will accuse Harrison Ford of lifting Indiana Jones or Han Solo from Kevin Costner, but a bizarre announcement begs us to compare their careers. The former will play two roles previously assumed by the latter, and will do this in the same movie, probably making them far more likable in the process.

An adaptation of the novel Black Hats, written under a pen name by the author of violent comicbook Road to Perdition, will move forward with Harrison in the lead roll. Essentially, it will be Wyatt Earp versus Al Capone.

The story follows a seventy year old Earp answering the call of Doc Holliday’s widow to save her troublemaker son from Al Capone. This is a job usually reserved for Elliot Ness, but in this universe he’s busy raising Superman.

Of course, before any of this can happen, Ford must play Woody Dolarhyde, and Costner Ace Woody, in Cowboys & Aliens and Django Unchained.

[Via Variety]