Has script leak halted Avengers production?


There are conflicting reports circling this morning that a script leak has caused production on Marvel superhero extravangaza The Avengers to temporarily shut down. It’s said that someone managed to get their hands on Samuel L. Jackson’s shooting script, then tried to hock it to a number of websites with little success, although one site (who shall go unnamed here for their folly) made the face-palming mistake of posting a scene from the script in order to prove that the leak was genuine. The scene, which will almost certainly be exorcised from the movie as a result, involved the Hulk transforming in front of Black Widow as Iron Man and Captain America investigate a boiler room together. As you do. Though BadAssDigest are speculating that it’s unlikely for such an expensive production to be halted by a relatively insubstantial leak, Film Fan Review have updated their story with claims that a source has confirmed the shutdown.

In a more sanctioned reveal, Tom Hiddleston told Vulture that The Avengers will be setting all seven superheroes against his single devious god Loki, which doesn’t seem entirely fair considering how Thor alone gave him a damn good owning at their last encounter. Speaking of which, Thor opened big in its non-US territories last week, with an impressive intake of $93 million in ten days. Though I wasn’t keen on the movie, its success does show that audiences are willing to accept more outlandish, fantastical material, which can only be a good thing.

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