Has Superman lost his soul?

Has Superman lost his soul? - The (Movie) Question

Critically, the reception to Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel has been all over the place. Although the Rotten Tomatoes consensus says that it is “mostly successful” (something corroborated by our review), it is nonetheless considered Rotten, with only 55% of the 228 critics giving it positive marks. This debate has played out in dozens of essays across the internet, many of them focused on the bleakness of this new world as well as the implications of the film’s bombastic final act.

That variety of opinion is as true here at Flixist, so we decided to focus this week’s The (Movie) Question on it. But this isn’t just about whether or not the film is good, because that would be boring. No, we’re looking at the character of Superman and what’s become of him. Beneath all of the grit and violence, is this still the same character or have cynicism and “realism” robbed him of his humanity?

I should note that there are very minor spoilers in this week’s video. Nick’s section (which is last) speaks the most directly about events later in the film, while the rest allude to things rather than discuss them outright. It’s somewhat difficult to really have this conversation without spoilers, but we did a decent job I think. The Man of Steel Flixist Movie Club has been pushed back to next week, and I’m sure that this discussion will continue there and everywhere until something else comes along.

If you’ve got an opinion, please put it to the comments. I’m sure everyone on the video (and those who aren’t) have lots more to say. If you’ve seen the film, I’m sure you do too.