Hateful Eight official release date an 70mm love


Ready for some great news? Not only is Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight coming out next year in fall of 2015, but it will also be getting one of the widest 70mm release in years. Tarantino has been long bragging about how the movie will be filmed in a large format and it looks like they’re really going to push it. That is awesome.

If you’ve never seen a 70mm film in theaters it is one of the most stunning things ever. Lawrence of Arabia is especially fantastic with Peter O’Tooles eyes basically popping out of the screen. It is awesome that they’ll be pushing it out to as many theaters as possible so more people can experience it. It’s even more awesome that the movie is coming out at all considering all the drama behind it

In case you missed it below is the poster for the film. 

Matthew Razak
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