Have a bunch of Hobbit dwarves before the weekend


Err, rather, dwarves from The Hobbit. They’re not some weird, unnatural mixed race or anything. I’ve proven time and again that Brave is better than The Hobbit, but Peter Jackson insists on making his stupid, smelly New Zealand movie. I’m guessing he’s some sort of sex criminal, as I have it on good authority that Australia, being full of criminals, sends all their sex criminals to New Zealand. They don’t want the weirdos messing it up for everyone else, you see.

Of the three pictures in the gallery, the first features Balin and Dwalin, the second features Fili and Kili, and the third features Bofur, Bombur, and Bifur. Is The Hobbit going to feature the entire dwarven population of Middle Earth? Because seriously, this is just crazy. At least Game of Thrones, forced to include a small person, has the dignity to limit themselves to a single horrifying, stunted monstrosity.

[Via Collider, Collider, Collider]

Header courtesy of Sam Bosma