Have a Heaven Is For Real trailer, I guess

HEAVEN IS FOR REAL - Official Trailer

There’s no way I can write this post without offending somebody, so I’ll just try and get all the important stuff out of the way. This movie is called Heaven Is For Real. It appears to be about a child who dies, goes to Heaven, and comes back to life. You can pay a theater some money to see it on Easter. The movie will be directed by Randall Wallace, and stars Greg Kinnear, who is a man that has done a thing sometimes.

Nah, kidding aside, this movie looks like patronizing, audience-insulting, oversimplistic, too-shmaltzy-for-Lifetime, too-cheap-for-Hallmark garbage. There might be some decent Two Cathedrals-style yelling at God (it is important to note that no God-yelling can ever match up to that scene), but as with most “true stories”, I don’t see how Wallace can get a three-act story out of the material provided.

What’s the conflict? Who’s the antagonist? Is the town going to turn against this kid, and if so, how can screenwriter Chris Parker wring believable dialogue or motivations out of that scenario? All this trailer did was convey how saccharine the movie looks, and if that’s what it set out to do, then congrats. Mission accomplished.

I don’t think this movie looks very good, you guys.