Have a look at Wrath of the Titan’s chimera


Yet again, despite dozens of ads on my drive to work, I’ve found myself completely forgetting that Wrath of the Titans is opening next week. Perhaps I’m not alone in this regard, as this featurette on one of the gruesome beasts present in the film, the mythical chimera, seems to mostly have the aim to shout, “HEY GUYS! OUR MOVIE’S COMING OUT! LOOK, IT MIGHT NOT BE AS SH***Y AS THE FIRST ONE, SO YOU SHOULD GIVE US YOUR MONEY, MAYBE?” It’s true, though, this chimera is pretty badass-looking. That was the only thing I liked about Clash of the Titans: the monsters and the monster design.

Fun story: Jenika and I saw Clash of the Titans on a whim, staying the night in Holbrook, Arizona. We were moving across country, and we found ourselves in Holbrook because Jenika had discovered the Wigwam Motel, a motel where you stay in a large wigwam made of concrete, and there were classic cars everywhere. We’d gotten into town early enough to want to to something, but the town itself was a pretty poor, sleepy little town, except for this really cool looking movie theater. We saw Clash there because it was a single screen, and it was all that was playing. As people filtered in, we realized we were the only two people that didn’t know and was trying to talk to everyone else in the theater.

Small towns, man. I do miss ’em.