Have your first look at The Avengers

[Update: /Film has a cleaner copy of the poster. Check it in the gallery.]

They may be drawn, but it’s out first real look at Joss Whedon’s Avengers, thanks to a poster at the Licensing International Expo. Iron Man, Black Widow, and Thor look basically identical to their previous outings. Hulk seems to have had a minor redesign, likely to shift his features a bit closer to Mark Ruffalo’s, and we’ve got our legit first looks at Captain America’s new uniform and Hawkeye, when he’s not unnecessarily hanging around in Thor. I really like Cap’s modern outfit. It’s a happy medium between the standard uniform and his Ultimate counterpart.

Hawkeye, on the other hand, is so much a copy of his early Ultimates appearances, before he looked like a jackass with a bullseye on his head. It works much more with Hawkeye as a shadowy, black-ops government operative, which is the sense I got from his absolutely stunning Thor cameo. That was sarcasm. Just wanted to make sure you all got it.

Anyway, hit up the gallery for the poster, and tell me what you all think. Can you see these guys, in the flesh, hitting enemies in the face with hammers and arrows and repulsor blasts?

[Via Collider]