Hawkeye Disney+ series is official and will feature Kate Bishop


The final original Avenger without his own movie can finally rest easy: Clint Barton is getting his own damn Hawkeye Disney+ miniseries. While the development of such a show was reported on before, tonight’s memorable San Diego Comic-Con Marvel Studios panel made it official. And as reported, not only will Hawkeye actor and music pop star Jeremy Renner reprise his role, but the character of Kate Bishop will also feature.

According to Renner and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, the show will be about “a superhero without powers,” and will explore more of his time as Ronin (as seen in Avengers: Endgame). And while not explicitly stated, the logo alone should be an indicator that the show will find inspiration from the Matt Fraction run of the Hawkeye comic book series, which featured Barton training Kate Bishop to be the next Hawkeye.

I’m not entirely sure how that will work within the MCU after Joss Whedon gave Clint a wife and kids on a farm, whereas Hawkeye in the Fraction run is a bit more of a scrappy dude in an apartment. It’ll take some readjusting, but regardless, the right TV writers could still turn MCU Hawkeye into an interesting character and craft a cool story exploring Hawkeye’s place amongst gods.

The biggest question is probably who will play Kate Bishop: I’m willing to bet that it’ll be an up-and-comer popular with the kids these days. Also confirmed with release dates for Marvel Studios’ Disney+ line-up are Loki, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, What If…? and the still-terribly-named WandaVision.

Hawkeye will stream on Disney+ sometime in fall 2021. I sure hope that Renner utilizes his singing talents somehow.

Jeremy Renner - "Main Attraction"