Hawkeye Episode 3 Recap “Echoes”


With episode three, Hawkeye finally picks up the pace a ton. Check out our previous recap here if you haven’t already.

Things start with a look back to Echo’s, aka Maya Lopez, childhood and we get a possible glimpse of “Kingpin.” In her past, the notorious crimelord is referred to as Lopez’s “Uncle.” Her early life was not easy as she was hearing disabled and was not sent to a school for deaf children. Because of this, she had to learn how to adapt pretty quickly. At some point, later on, her father and his men are killed by The Ronin and she vows revenge, setting up the conflict for this episode.


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Fast forward to the present day, Echo is interrogating both Barton and Bishop about The Ronin’s whereabouts and why Kate had the suit. Clint manages to free them both from the Tracksuit Mafia’s clutches but in the ensuing fight,  Echo breaks his hearing aid. The pair escape in a pretty epic car chase with lots of action-packed scenes. They end up getting Barton’s hearing aid repaired after a very tearful scene where he tries to talk to his son on the phone but can’t hear him properly.

Maya and The Tracksuit Mafia decide to move to a new location since this one has been compromised. Her right-hand man and interpreter, Kazi, advises her to be careful and not cross her “Uncle.” Bishop wants to learn more about just who the Tracksuit Mafia are and what they want and convinces Barton to help her break into her mother Eleanor’s penthouse. Once there, she tries to hack into Bishop Security’s database and hopes to learn more about Jack in the process. She ends up locked out of the system while Barton is confronted by Jack, now wielding The Ronin’s sword.


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In essence, there isn’t too much to say about this episode as it focuses more on forward-momentum. Episode four will hopefully continue the pace of this installment. We are more than halfway done the season and not much has been resolved yet. Could Kingpin actually be introduced into the MCU? We are also awaiting Yelena Belova, aka Black Widow, who is also after Hawkeye. Time will tell.

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