Hawkeye Finale Recap : “So This Is Christmas?”


Hawkeye has wrapped up after a mere six episodes. It gave the series a pretty epic finale as a Christmas Gift. Overall for a series that didn’t have as much hype for it as Loki and What…If? did, it was enjoyable to watch. Make sure to catch up with our Episode 5 Recap of Hawkeye here.

The finale picks up where last week ended, showing us exactly what happened in the video of Kingpin with Eleanor Bishop. She is attempting to break up their partnership, revealing that her late husband owed Kingpin a lot of money and that’s why she worked for him.

Kazi with Kingpin

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Now, she wants out. It’s also revealed to no one’s surprise that Eleanor did kill Armand and pinned the murder on Jack. After she leaves, Kingpin tells Kazi it’s time to remind everyone who owns New York

At the Bishop Christmas Party, Kate confronts her mother about her dealings with Kingpin and everything else she did. Eleanor explains that she did it all for Kate. Kazi is staking out the party from another building. Turns out he has been ordered by Kingpin to assassinate Eleanor. Upon seeing Clint, he changes his mind and tries to kill him instead.

Clint has enlisted the help of Grills and his fellow LARPers to help evacuate the party with assistance from Jack when all hell breaks loose. He meets back up with Kate to take on the Tracksuit Mafia once again with their impressive arsenal of trick arrows.


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Maya comes face to face with Kazi and kills him and Kate tries to find her mother. Clint finally comes face to face again with Yelena who demands answers about Natasha’s death. A fight breaks out but Clint uses the whistle code that was only known between Yelena and Natasha, proving that he did not kill her. It also clarifies that they did have a close relationship and she did sacrifice herself in Avengers: Endgame to get the soul stone.

Yelena spares him. Eleanor who is trying to escape comes face to face with Kingpin but is rescued by Kate. Using all the tricks and knowledge she gained from Clint, she overpowers Kingpin. She then reveals to her mother that she has called the police and Eleanor is shocked asking “Is this what heroes do?” She is arrested for the murder of Armand.

Kingpin survived his encounter with Kate only to come face to face with Maya. She shoots him for the murder of her father but we don’t see him die.

Late on Clint has finally made it back home for Christmas inviting Kate and Lucky the Pizza Dog with him. He returns the stolen watch to his wife Laura who reveals she was Agent 19 and used to work for SHIELD. It is not confirmed however if she is in fact Mockingbird. The episode ends with Kate and Clint burning up the Ronin suit.

Christmas at the Bartons_HawkeyeEpisode6

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Hawkeye was a very cool mini-series and gave the character a propper post –Endgame send-off. It also introduces Kate and other important characters to the MCU that we will likely see again very soon.

Echo featuring Maya Lopez is set to debut sometime soon and could see Kingpin as well as Daredevil have more prominent roles. Kate is also no doubt being set up to join the Young Avengers, whenever that debuts. As we head into 2022 coming off a pretty impressive year for Marvel it can only get better from here. Stay tuned for more Marvel show reviews!


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