HBO’s Watchmen gets an official release date to ensure it will continue to piss off Alan Moore


October is shaping up to be a pretty major month if you’re a fan of DC franchises. Joker will release at the beginning of the month, it looks like DC Universe’s Harley Quinn series will release then as well, and lest we forget the gargantuan elephant in the room, HBO’s Watchmen series. I’m a bit bored with showrunner Damon Lindelof’s attitude that Watchmen is somehow too sacred to be trifled with and how even now he’s mum to whether it’s a sequel, remake, re-imagining, or whatever. At this point I just want him to come out and make a firm stance on what to expect out of the show, rabid fans be damned. 

While I doubt that he’ll ever address what his vision for the show is before it airs, at least we know when it will air. HBO announced that the series will debut on Sunday, October 20th at 9:00 p.m. EST. Expect riots in the streets over how Watchmen was somehow ruined by this series the next day. 

While my excitement for the series is palpable, I’m not expecting it to be as revolutionary or miraculous and it’s being hyped up to be. It’s nothing against the cast or even Lindelof as a showrunner, despite my disagreements with how he’s meandered his way around addressing questions regarding the basic premise/plot of this show, but I simply haven’t seen enough to justify my engagement with it. There’s an argument you can make about how much a show should spoil before its release, and while I’m sure Watchmen will be a fantastic show at the end of the day, I’m not sold on it based solely on the fact I haven’t seen much of it. Time will tell though, and you better believe I’ll be on my couch watching the first episode as it airs to find out that answer for myself.

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