HBO says Deadwood movie in the works for real


It actually didn’t work so well for Entourage

When shows go off the air its often popular for fans to clamor for more in the form of a movie, even when that show concluded on its own and probably shouldn’t go on. HBO’s Deadwood  actually did end to soon, though. HBO forced it off the air before creator David Milch could put a proper ending in place, but now they may be looking remedy that. 

We we’re pretty sure the show was coming, but HBO had been oddly silent until now. At TCA HBO’s new head of programming Casey Bloys let rip with info, saying, ““David is writing the script. We haven’t read it yet…I imagine it will be very good.” OK, he was a bit tepid on the whole thing, but who can blame him. Resurrecting a beloved franchise can often go terribly wrong and it has for HBO previously.

Matthew Razak
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