Hear the entire Dark Knight Rises soundtrack now


If you’re not yet super excited for The Dark Knight Rises, maybe you should consider pumping some Hans Zimmer into your belligerent little earholes. Empire’s posted the film’s score, allowing you an auditory journey through the final chapter of Nolan’s Bat-trilogy. The track names are free of overt spoilers, although perhaps some would consider preemptively hearing the music that will play during the film’s climax some sort of subconscious spoiler.

Those people, however, are music nerds, and should be treated with disdain and disregard until they retreat to their listening cubbies and write another blog about the genius of Radiohead.

I say that there are no overt spoilers, although some information can still be inferred. Someone will probably ask Bruce Wayne, possibly in flashback, “Why Do We Fall?” at the end of the second act. Bane might tell Batman that “Fear Will Find You.” And someone will crack wise by asking “Mind If I Cut In?” before slitting a Gotham police officer’s throat (spoilers: it’s the Joker; the Joker is back and makes macabre puns).

Track three, “Gotham’s Reckoning,” is my favorite, as it accompanies and invokes the chant they’ve been using, quite effectively, in the trailers. Dark Knight Rises is out next Friday.

[via Empire]