Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen is Rated-R; director Neil Marshall nods thanks to Deadpool, Logan


Hellboy reboot director Neil Marshall was recently spinning philosophical regarding his take on on the Hellboy material. He aims to take the good from former director Guillermo del Torro’s take, and then make it much bloodier. Citing the source material as bloody, Marshall indicates he’s got the green light to pursue his own vision of the project and if that makes it R-rated, then so be it [because-a-r-rated comic book movies make a lots-a-lots-a money, e-ha-ah].

You know what this means?!? Hellboy sex scene! Rock hard salami insertion! If there was one thing that was always missing from the first two Hellboy movies, it was Ron Perlman, in Oscar Meyer weenie red getting it on with this lady!


[via FlickeringMyth]