Help Flixist give you more free stuff


Even though Flixist is a pretty new site ’round these parts, one of our very favorite things to do is giving you free stuff. To date, we’ve given out free DVDs, posters, clothing, and more. In the future, we hope to give out lots more, including chewed gum, unicorn farts, and boxed pasta filled with scorpions.

OK, so maybe we’re not perfect at the contest thing yet. So here’s where you come in. Tell us how we can make all of your contest dreams come true. Specifically, I’m looking for three things:

  • What sorts of movie-related prizes do you like? Swag like posters and clothing? DVDs and Blu-rays? Tickets to upcoming movies? Random weird crap?
  • What kinds of contests are you most likely to enter? Do you do Twitter and Facebook? Do you prefer commenting on the site? Would you rather do fun stuff like MS Paint contests or play dress up? Write blogs?
  • What are some of your favorite contests, both from Flixist and from other sites? Is there one contest that you thought was just the best thing ever?

Let us know your answers in the comments. We’ll use them to craft the best damn movie-related contests you’ve ever seen. One lucky commenter will win a no-expenses-paid trip to my apartment to help me move. Beer will be provided. By you.