Help make the documentary How to Build a Time Machine


How to Build a Time Machine seems like a documentary with a great set-up. It’s all centered around a strange but true story of someone claiming to be a legit time traveler. Here’s a synopsis:

The year is 2036. Decades after the global nuclear war, an American soldier named John Titor is assigned to travel back to 1975 and retrieve an IBM 5100 computer. During this mission, John makes an unexpected stop in 2000 “for personal reasons.” He connects with his family — and his two-year-old self! And he interacts online with a group of time travel enthusiasts, sharing information about the future and a detailed description of how his time machine works.

Today, many think John’s tale was a hoax. But he also has die-hard followers who strongly believe they spoke with a man from the future.

Director Jay Cheel has a Hot Docs page up to help fund the film. He hopes to do high-quality recreations of Titor’s mission to 1975 based on his internet posts. (Man on Wire with time travel?) Be sure to check out How to Build a Time Machine‘s Hot Docs/Docignite page for more information.

We’ve covered a few other crowd funding projects in the past from other filmmakers (Hal HartleyAlejandro Jodorowsky, and Bidzina Kanchaveli). Like these other projects, I hope How to Make a Time Machine succeeds. In the gallery, I’ve included a poster for How to Build a Time Machine by Jesse Philips, which is one of the funding incentives.

[How to Build a Time Machine Docignite Via /Film]

Hubert Vigilla
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