Help us make Flixist better: Suggest a new site feature


Next week Flixist celebrates a year of blogging, and what better way to kick off a site’s birthday than to start building new features?  A lot has changed since we first went online and we have many more big ideas to deploy, but we’re primarily interested in hearing about what our community wants most.  We’ve set up a forum where you can submit new ideas and vote up on the suggestions you like most.  No suggestion is too big!  Submit your ideas here (not in the comments).  Please feel free to suggest editorial ideas as well for the editors or existing features on other sites you frequent.  

Here’s how it works: Each person gets 10 vote tokens, and 1-3 tokens can be applied to a particular idea.  Spend your tokens wisely on the things that most matter to you and we’ll work to complete the most popular ideas first.  When we complete a feature you get your 3 tokens back and can apply them to another suggestion.  Put us to work, dammit!