Here are Marvel’s release dates through May 2019


With Guardians of the Galaxy only two weeks away, the Marvel hype train never ceases to amaze me. I’ve talked about my distaste for Marvel’s marketing strategy before (where we know when and what we’re getting so there’s no room left for surprise), but at least it’s not the case here. All we’ve got right now is Marvel promising more films in the future. Probably sequels, one’s most likely Doctor Strange, and so on. 

Hit the jump for the dates. 

[via Collider]

  • Marvel Untitled – 7/28/17 wide
  • Marvel Untitled – 11/3/17 wide
  • Marvel Untitled – 7/6/18 wide
  • Marvel Untitled – 11/2/18 wide
  • Marvel Untitled – 5/3/19 wide