Here are the first ten minutes of The Awakening


When I first saw the trailer for The Awakening (opening August 17th), I was kind of disappointed that it wasn’t a adaptation of Kate Chopin’s novel the film shares a name with. All I got was a by-the-numbers thriller about some woman who goes to an all boys school and finds ghosts…or something. Here’s the first ten minutes of the film that set up the plot and slightly characterize the “hoax huntin'” bad ass woman in England shortly after the first World War. 

Wait a minute? Rebecca Hall is playing a “hoax hunter” who has a higher education and is sort of confident in her lifestyle? Sweet. I love strong women, so naturally I’m a little more inclined to see The Awakening now. Unfortunately, whatever she encounters in that boarding school will most likely tear her down into some fragile little thing. Let’s hope not. Hall’s character seems like enough of a bad ass to skip all of that mess.