Here’s all the trailers you’ll get to see during the Super Bowl


While the Seahawks and Patriots might be one of the least interesting Super Bowl match ups we’ve seen in a while that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be watching. There’s going to be commercials and some of those commercials will be for movies. Those movies are right below. How exciting.

Are you excited? I’m not really. We’ve seen stuff from all these films (Ted 2 had its trailer today and so did Terminator) so no first looks during the biggest game of the year. Now there may be some surprises that we haven’t heard of, but it’s really interesting that nothing is debuting during the most watched television of the year. That being said seeing more of Tommorowland and Jurassic World is not a bad thing at all. 

If you’re going to skip the game make sure you head here to check out all the trailers once we can share them with you. 

Matthew Razak
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