Here’s most of Captain America’s post-credits scene


We’ve told you what to expect from Captain America: The First Avenger‘s final, post-credits scene before, and more likely than not, you’ve probably already seen the movie, and the scene in question. Marvel, though, has decided to release a clip of less than a minute of the post-credits scene. For those of you that haven’t seen the movie and want to avoid spoilers, I’ll leave the video and my impressions below the cut. Suffice to say, this is a really weird move from Marvel, I think. These post-credits scenes have become Marvel’s hallmark, that’s true, but putting only a portion of it online a week after the movie’s release?

Anyway, spy it below the jump, if you’re into that.

[Via Collider]

Seriously, this is a teaser for the final scene, then a teaser for the teaser for The Avengers. Why not just release the trailer for The Avengers? They didn’t even show the best part of the scenes with Captain America, where he’s in the fake 1940s hospital room. This just seems…well, dumb. Really dumb. It doesn’t have half the impact it would have had if they’d just put the actual final scene and the actual Avengers teaser online. Which they’ll probably do within a week, just watch.

Marvel, I love you, but get your head out of your ass.