Here’s the Power Rangers movie cast without their suits


It may seem silly now (and feel free to refer back to this post when this all blows up in my face), but it seems like the Power Rangers movie is my most anticipated film of 2017. It’s a property I have a huge connection with (second only to the The Simpsons), and I’m excited to get a new film with them in it. So far it’s been okay. The casting’s been fine, with their biggest pull being Elizabeth Banks to play series villain, Rita Repulsa, and they’re adapting the first series, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, for maximum appeal. But stuff’s been seeming weirder and weirder. 

With the film’s reboot officially in production, some other stuff’s come to light. Along with this photo of the cast, I’m reading some worrying things. The film has six credited writers, director Dean Isrealite (Project Almanac) describes the team as “disenfranchised and disparate,” and everything looks so gloomy. Just look how subdued the kids’ clothes are. Rather than the TV show’s brightly colored clothing, everything’s so dour and serious. Power Rangers isn’t supposed to be a heavy drama. It’s goofy as heck, and it’s always celebrated that. 

Then again, it’s too early to tell anything from just a photo. I’ll try and hold back major judgment for a trailer, or at least the first look at the suits (which Isrealite describes as, ugh, “really modern, edgy and badass”), but I’m still worried. 

[via EW