Hey everyone, let’s talk about Godzilla!


After the success of our last Flixist Community Discusses (featuring The Amazing Spider-Man 2), let’s have another go around with Godzilla. Once again, through talk on Twitter, film critics, and friends, I’ve been getting a lot of mixed feedback with Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla. I’ve yet to see the film myself (but that should have changed by the time you read this), but I’m now a bit warier than I was before. 

But, I need your opinions on the matter folks. If you’ve seen the movie, I want a reason why you may have liked or disliked the film. I’ll gather all of your responses (labeled with who wrote them, of course), and pepper in some responses from the Flixist staff, into one post as “Flixist Community Discusses.”

If you’re ready, leave a comment below, hit me up on Twitter (@Valdezology), or even send me an email at [email protected] The community post will go live Friday, May 23rd at 12PM CST, so I’ll be taking responses until then!

Where does Godzilla stand, Flixist community? King of the Monsters or the King of the Losers?