Hey Kids! It’s Pixar Week!


Hey everybody! This week marks the release of Cars 2, so in that film’s honor (which may prove to be dubious indeed), we’re launching our next theme week: Pixar Week! Over the coming week, we’ll have a bunch of reviews and features about Pixar movies, beginning with my review of The Incredibles a little later today. One thing I’m really excited for is a pair of articles on Up, where Max talks about his love for the film and Fronz calls it an overrated pile of donkey crap. Well, he’s probably more eloquent than that, and nowhere near as pointlessly negative, but it got your attention, didn’t it?

So we hope you enjoy Pixar Week, and we hope to see you writing about your favorite/least favorite Pixar movies in the community blogs! If you write something awesome, we juuust might toss it up on the front page!