Hey, you bojos, we might really get hoverboards!


A little while back we told you about Nike Air Mags, self-lacing shoes like in Back to the Future Part II. Oh, but the future is even brighter now, my friends. A bunch of crazy scientists with big brown puppy dog eyes and long silvery flowing hair might make hoverboards a reality! Heck, this may even mean flying cars down the road (a road which we won’t need).

But let’s not engage in any rhythmic ceremonial rituals quite yet. The hover technology is in its early stages of development and requires a railed path to work. The entire process involves something known as quantum locking. Since I don’t understand squat about superconductors and magnetic fields, I’ll just let actual experts explain quantum locking.

After the jump is some video of the test hoverboard in action. Soon we will all be wearing two neck ties, mark my words.

[Via /Film, io9]

MagSurf : Skate supraconducteur Université Paris 7 hoverboard

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