Hilary Swank producing and starring in Shrapnel


Hilary Swank has been attached to Radical Pictures’ Shrapnel, a film adaptation of the Radical comic being positioned as a transmedia property. Swank will both produce and star in the film as a former Solar Alliance Marine in the year 2250 who must lead a rebellion on Venus against the government. Of course, there are a host of co-producers and executive producers, but Swank’s name is the one that is carrying the weight.

Toby Wagstaff will be writing the script. However, Radical Pictures is still looking around for a director for the project, as well as an actual studio. Until that’s decided, what Radical is aiming for is a Western-style sci fi, the best kind of sci fi.

The original Shrapnel comic by Nick Sagan, M. Zachary Sherman, and Mark Long also has an iPhone game available and a free multiplayer game in development. You know, the annoyingly recurrent “milk the franchise before it’s even taken off” thing that modern companies like to do. I’m immediately skeptical of efforts to position a concept in multiple forms of media this fast — the comic is meant to be a trilogy of graphic novels, yet nothing has released since the first part in 2009 — but Shrapnel could still be cool. Swank’s a great actress, so at least the project has that going for it.

[Via Variety]