Holiday weekend is a good time for M. Night Shyamalan


It looks like the middling reviews from grumpy critics didn’t slow Glass down too much over the long weekend. The film pulled in an estimated $47 million over the four day weekend, which puts it slightly under the $50 million expectations but well above its measly $20 million budget — half of which probably went to the cast. It will be interesting to see how the film holds on longterm. Audiences didn’t hate it, but the negative word of mouth from critics will probably mean a steep drop next week now that all the folks who were invested in the trilogy have seen it.

Glass isn’t actually the big news of the week, anyway. Dragon Ball Super: Broly is, with a surprising a surprising fourth-place finish, just losing out to Aquaman. For special release, anime film, playing in about a third of the theaters as the other top four films that’s beyond stellar. It’s the highest grossing anime release in years and might signal to studios to bring more of that content over here. Of course, having the Dragon Ball name helps plenty too.

1. Glass – $47,000,000
2. The Upside – $18,350,000
3. Aquaman – $12,570,000
4. Dragon Ball Super: Broly – $11,494,742
5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – $9,750,000
6. A Dog’s Way Home – $9,635,000
7. Escape Room – $6,750,000
8. Mary Poppins Returns – $6,736,000
9. Bumblebee – $5,830,000
10. On the Basis of Sex – $4,647,000

Matthew Razak
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