Home Alone with Blood adds gore, turns Kevin into a heartless killing machine


We know that in real life Home Alone‘s booby traps would be a hyperviolent collection of severe bodily trauma. A full paint can to the noggin is not so pleasant. In fact, it’s some straight-up horror movie stuff.

That’s the conceit behind Home Alone with Blood. It adds blood to Home Alone. Not a misleading title. Well, it adds blood, gore, and a terrifying sense of gleeful sadism to Kevin McCallister’s antics.

It’s a little NSFW and a tad bit more disturbing than you might think, but give all four videos a watch below.

Home Alone With Blood #1 - Pipe

Home Alone With Blood #2 - Shovel

Home Alone With Blood #3 - Bricks

Home Alone With Blood #4 - Bomb

Happy holidays, ya filthy animals.

Oh wait… we’re a little late on that… Umm…

Gung hey fat choy, ya filthy animals.

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