Horrible director Uwe Boll says he will quit making terrible movies… again


After years of making crummy video game adaptations and low-rent garbage, Uwe Boll claims that he will quit directing movies. This comes on the heels of his supposed swan song, Rampage: President Down. From the title alone, it sounds awful. Boll cites the decline in revenue from low-budget films as his reason for quitting rather than his work’s consistent lack of quality or entertainment value. He told the Toronto Metro:

With streaming everywhere there is just a big wave of movies flooding around and you have no impact.The market is dead. You don’t make any money anymore on movies because the DVD and Blu Ray market worldwide has dropped 80 per cent in the last three years. That is the real reason; I just cannot afford to make movies. I can’t go back to student filmmaking because I have made so many movies in my life, and I can’t make cheaper and cheaper movies at my age. It’s a shame. I would be happy to make movies but it is just not financially profitable.

Boll added that he’s invested his own money into some of his wretched output. Sucks about those revised German tax shelter laws, amigo.

Boll first floated his retirement plans last summer after a series of failed crowdfunding campaigns for Rampage: President Down and Postal 2. The Postal 2 Kickstarter had a goal of $500,000. It only raised $29,977. Excuse me, I mean it somehow raised $29,977.

Vilify the man and his films all we want, there is a hard truth in all this. If Uwe Boll didn’t exist, we would have to invent him… in order to take advantage of the German tax code. It’s unfortunate the man’s movies can’t be used as fertilizer.

How do you feel about Uwe Boll stepping away from the director’s chair? Anyone want to defend his films? Speak up in the comments below.

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