Hot Wheels live-action movie rolling into development


Any kid who was a kid played with Hot Wheels cars at some point. And any IP that Mattel owns the rights to is going to become a movie at some point. So it should come as little surprise that the toy company, who has created its own movie studio to produce films based on its toy lines, is working with WB to make a Hot Wheels movie

What might be a bit more of a surprise if you haven’t been paying attention is that its live-action. You may recall Legendary use to be working on the film with Justin Lin, which made sense considering his history with making Fast and Furious amazing, but that deal fell through so now WB has the rights. We’d have thought that might mean they go for a Cars-style film that’s relevant to kids but instead it looks like they’re aiming to do more of an action-oriented take along the lines of Transformers. It’s also in line with Mattel’s new Barbie movie that stars Margot Robbie. These films are clearly not for kids alone, if at all.

The question becomes, what the heck the take on this will be? Hot Wheels are really just a line of toy cars; there’s not much of a plot there. Will they be highlighting popular models and make up cars for the film or maybe they’ll just go in on real car brands that have had Hot Wheels remakes. Or maybe it’ll be about people getting shrunken down to the size of Hot Wheels cars. Whatever the story, I’m hoping they go all out and make it ridiculous. A Hot Wheels movie without some sort of insane car track that makes the cars go down massive hills and spin in circles is no Hot Wheels movie at all.

‘Hot Wheels’ Live-Action Movie in the Works With Mattel, Warner Bros. [Variety]

Matthew Razak
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