Hugh Hefner biopic adopted by Warner Bros.


Warner Bros. and Ocean’s Eleven producer Jerry Weintraub will officially be working together on a biopic about Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. The project was originally in development at Universal, but the project was abandoned until this recent acquisition. Entitled Playboy, the movie will likely center around the earlier days of Hefner’s life, focusing more on the novelty and risk of his business than the more publicized perks of said business. You know which perks I mean. The perky ones.

There were rumors that Steve Kloves of Harry Potter fame would pen the script, though that has been officially denied. In fact, there’s not much available about the project except that it’s going to happen. Who would you like to see directing the film? Who would make a good Hef? Considering the nature of his business, he’s likely to expose a lot of…emotion. Not too much of it, though. We’re all here to read the articles.

[First Showing, via Deadline]